Why no Gold Medal Game for Canadian Hockey is a Good Thing

by | February 24, 2018
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Yes, there I said it! Now I could either wait for the haters to reply on social media or I can explain why I believe that no gold medal game for Canadian hockey at the Olympics is a good thing. I am going to try to explain my reasons with an apology to all of the Canadian athletes for some generalizations I am going to make.

The loss of the gold by Canada’s women’s team reinforces and brings attention to my dislike for deciding a gold medal game by a shoot-out, the should keep playing overtime periods until someone scores a goal.

Sadly too many Canadians do not watch the winter Olympics, except for the hockey playoffs leading up to the gold medal game. The men losing to team Germany in the semi-finals put them out of the gold medal game and brings attention to the team that one of the teams playing in the gold medal round should not even be on the ice. The IOC banned the Russian team, but allowed the athletes to play under the Olympic flag as “Olympic athletes from Russia” as if their country had not been banned. If you are going to ban a country for cheating, you do not allow athletes (let alone an organized team) compete in the games.

With Canada out of the gold medal round, more people might actually notice some of the other sports that Canada is winning gold and other medals in. Canada (currently at 28 medals) is almost assured of its highest medal count at a single Winter Olympics with only a few day of competition to go. This means the media has more to talk about other than just focusing on hockey.

When Team Canada comes home with a silver in women’s and presumably a bronze in men’s hockey, Canadians will still be proud of them and treat them as sports heroes, but realize that Canada’s domination of hockey may not be as strong as it has been in the past.

Let’s Go Team Canada, the country is proud of you!