Finding Peace and Solitude Away From Home

by | June 6, 2017
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When you work from home and you live alone, it can get quite lonely and you feel like you are in your own personal prison. One of the things that I had to learn from working at home was to get away from my computer and out of my small apartment. Now that I am only working a few hours a week, I spend even more time on my computer trying to find a gig or a job. Being stuck in front of my computer for even more hours of the day becomes even more stressful and raises my anxiety.

Today, I had to take some of my own advice (that I wrote in a blog for a customer some time back) and not only step away from my computer, but physically get out of my apartment and try to de-stress. Being a rainy day, I thought of the one place to go that is a happy place for me, the conservatory at Allen Gardens. Inside the main dome there is a bench to sit on that makes you feel like you are no longer in the city, unfortunately today there was an advance team for a film that will be shot there next week in the area I like to sit. So I decided to take a walk around and then head over to the indoor watermill that has the turtles in the pond.

As I wandered around the conservatory and stood watching the turtles, I realized that this was truly the place that I could find peace and solitude within the city. If you have watched my Facebook live video from Allen Gardens, you too would understand the awesomeness of this oasis in downtown Toronto.