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Buskers vs Panhandlers in Toronto

Listen to Podcast here This is the loose transcript of my podsast. While I am not a Roman Attwood or a Casey Neistat, I hope one day people will look back at my first few podcasts and remember my messags. I wanted to talk about a touchy subject where everyone might have an opinion, but… Read more »

Shaving off My Beard

This is a Video of me having my beard shaved off in stages, to show the different looks that I could try the next time I grow my beard out.  If you want to comment on what style you like the best, be sure to watch the video on YouTube and comment there.

What is in a Name? A Publishing Story

Firstly, I have to say for anyone waiting for what was supposed to be my next blog about getting published, things have taken a twist. Things in my life have been complicated and writing an article about getting published has gotten more complicated, this is in part due to not being able to talk to… Read more »

Finding Peace and Solitude Away From Home

When you work from home and you live alone, it can get quite lonely and you feel like you are in your own personal prison. One of the things that I had to learn from working at home was to get away from my computer and out of my small apartment. Now that I am… Read more »

A New Chapter Begins

For the past 10 years I have been creating blog content for other people, but today begins the journey of writing my own blog on my own site. While I do not know what I will be writing here yet, I do know that it will be my own words and my own interests. I… Read more »