What is in a Name? A Publishing Story

Firstly, I have to say for anyone waiting for what was supposed to be my next blog about getting published, things have taken a twist. Things in my life have been complicated and writing an article about getting published has gotten more complicated, this is in part due to not being able to talk to… Read more »

Changing in My Writing and Advice For Writers

I never set out to be a writer, but a number of years ago the company I was working for needed to have a regular blog and I was the person that was asked to step up. Coming up with ideas, researching and writing 3 business blogs a week became a regular thing for me,… Read more »

Cyclists Behaving Badly, What Can Be Done About It?

Before I start this blog, I should mention that I am a cyclist myself and an advocate for more dedicated bicycle lanes for cyclists who commute and ride for pleasure. I have wanted to write this blog for sometime now, but I decided to do it now because of media talk of having cyclists needing… Read more »

Finding Peace and Solitude Away From Home

When you work from home and you live alone, it can get quite lonely and you feel like you are in your own personal prison. One of the things that I had to learn from working at home was to get away from my computer and out of my small apartment. Now that I am… Read more »

A New Chapter Begins

For the past 10 years I have been creating blog content for other people, but today begins the journey of writing my own blog on my own site. While I do not know what I will be writing here yet, I do know that it will be my own words and my own interests. I… Read more »